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Digestive Issues (functional gastroenterology)

Healthy digestion is at the core of optimal health. Your gut is where the majority of your immune system is located, where you make most of our serotonin (the happy neurotransmitter) and where you breakdown, absorb and assimilate your nutrients that fuel every cell and biochemical process in your body.

Digestive issues are amongst the most common medical problems in America.  As many as 15 % of American’s have been diagnosed with IBS. A diagnosis of IBS is conventional medicines way of saying you have an imbalance in your digestion that we’re unable to pinpoint. Nicole can help find and treat the cause. Another example of poor digestive health is acid reflux/heartburn. Medications to treat acid reflux are the third most prescribed medications in America. The problem is these medications suppress stomach acid which relieves symptoms temporarily however stomach acid is vital to properly breaking down and absorbing nutrients. Acid blockers often lead to nutrient deficiencies and most people who take them are never tested for these. 


These are just two examples of many digestive issues I treat. I use naturopathic and functional medicine to treat anything from IBS, IBD, reflux, bloating and abdominal pain to constipation.

I look beyond your diagnosis and want to know why. Why are you always bloated? Why do you have Crohn's? Why are you constipated? What went wrong and how can we fix it? By using my clinical experience, listening to your story and lab testing I can find the answer. Some of the digestive health tests I use are:

Nicole McCarter is a naturopathic doctor located in Los Altos, CA. Which is conveniently located near Palo Alto and accessible from the Bay Area. She specializes in the natural treatment of digestive issues and gastroenterology. She treats, IBS, Celiac disease, reflux, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), SIBO or small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, gas and bloating, constipation and diarrhea. She uses elimination diets, cleansing and detoxification programs, food allergy testing (food sensitivity testing) and holistic nutrition.

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Food intolerance testing: This test measures the immune response to 100-200 foods causing inflammatory reactions. This is an insightful test for people with digestive issues, skin problems, mood disorders, weight gain and autoimmune conditions (celiac disease, IBD, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's, etc).

SIBO breath test: SIBO or small intestinal bacteria overgrowth is thought to cause up to 60% of IBS and many cases of severe bloating. SIBO is also common amongst patients with Celiac disease. This can be diagnosed through a simple breath test.


Comprehensive digestive health panelThis test is a thorough look at digestive health. It assesses good and bad bacteria, fungus, and parasites. It also looks for markers of inflammation and how well you are breaking down and absorbing your food. This is a helpful test for those with bloating, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, and obesity or unexplained weight loss, autoimmune disease and preventative medicine. 

I do not perform endoscopies or colonoscopies but will happily refer out if determined necessary. 

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