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My Favorite Health & Wellness Resources

Here are all of my favorite health and wellness resources to continue making 2018 your healthiest year yet!

Buying healthy food

Thrive Market: Think Whole Foods-meets-Costco for pantry items. You pay a yearly membership to get discounted products. They have a ton of great stuff!

Vital Choice: This is a great resource for pasture raised meats and wild seafood.

Thistle: if you don’t have time to cook but still want to heat healthy. This service delivers pre-made organic meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Good quality supplements

Fullscript: Unfortunately nutritional supplements aren’t FDA regulated so there are plenty of products out there that just don’t work. That’s why it’s important to use brands that are third party tested for quality and purity. Fullscript is an online dispensary of top quality brands that I know and trust. You can set up an account here to have full access to their catalog. Reply to this email if you have any difficulty.


Calm: is my favorite resource for guided meditation. They have a great app and website.

Headspace: I don’t personally use headspace, but have a lot of patients who like it. Do the free trials for Calm and Headspace to find which one is best for you.


Calm: not only do they have meditation but they also have sleep stories which are great for kids and adults.


Yoga with Tim: I’ve raved about this youtube channel before (you can read my full article here). Tim recently released a great 30 day challenge. Check it out!

Recipe websites

Dolly and Oatmeal: I love the aesthetic of this blog, she makes beautiful food that’s inspiring. Her recipes are all dairy free, gluten free and mostly plant based.

Organic Authority: this website has a ton of recipes and cooking tips.

The Iron You: Mike provides a ton of whole foods recipes and I appreciate the way he organizes them.

Diet Doctor: a must have resource for those looking to start a ketogenic diet.

Dr. Hyman: our nutrition philosophies are well aligned and I appreciate his extensive recipe library.


Cooked: in this four part documentary on Nextflix, Michael Pollan will inspire you to get in the kitchen

Minimalism: I am by no means a a minimalist, but I found this documentary inspiring and think you will to


Younger by Sara Gottfried: if you don’t follow her, Dr. Sara Gottfried is well researched and entertaining writer. In Younger, she dives into how lifestyle habits impact longevity and health span. It’s not ground breaking news - eat real food, move, sleep, manage stress, etc. But it’s a good reminder, and she gets into the research and provides a Younger plan.

Eat Fat get Thin by Mark Hyman: again, our nutrition philosophies are aligned and it’s about damn time someone explained why fats are necessary for optimal health.

The Wild Diet by Abel James: another nutrition philosophy I align with. This book also has some good recipes.

Nourisment for the mind, body and soul

Eat Beautifully 

Age Gracefully 

Live Joyfully

Travel Lightly 

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